Interior NI (2013) by INT2 Architecture

Location: Moscow, Russia

The main objective was to create a beautiful and functional interior subject to the minimum area of the apartment and the high cost of the project. 
Visually a single space, functionally divided into a living room, a sleeping area, and a kitchen. All interior solution are in bright colors with bright accents on individual parts.
One of the main problems is the small apartment’s lack of places to store things, so in this interior the partitions are “thickened” and converted into cupboards— a built-in wardrobe in the hallway and a small wardrobe by the sleeping area. Also, on the one hand the bed in the bedroom is raised on a podium to visually separate from the living room area and the kitchen, and on the other hand, to get extra storage space for bulky items (such as blankets, pillows, bed linens, etc.). On the balcony seats are made from repainted army boxes, which can also be used for storage.


Indian buildings photographed by Vincent Leroux

Buildings which influenced the Italian architect Ettore Sottsass.




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